Welcome To Genome Group

Genome Group, incorporated in June 2011 is a diversified group company having varied business interests across Automobile, Retail, Lifestyle, Marketing & Distribution. It is headquartered in Pune, (India) having captive manufacturing facilities in Chakhan (Pune), western India’s automobile manufacturing hub.

Genome launched its India operations in October 2011 with its flagship product, Bi-Xenon HID Projectors, to address the huge gap in aftermarket Car Lighting segment and to address the need for an efficient, dependable & performance-oriented solution to resolve car’s visibility constraints. Genome rightly identified this demand and launched premier HID Projectors for automobiles, which significantly enhanced vehicles’ forward and lateral illumination, having output that matches and even exceeds several OEM HID setups. Over the years the product has been very well received by the automobile fraternity, both in the subcontinent and international market.

Since then Genome has established itself as a national brand catering to 1100+ premium Dealers through its extensive sales distribution and services network pan-India. Today Genome is India’s #1 trusted brand in aftermarket HID Projectors for automobiles and is a preferred choice for all kind of Car Lighting Upgrades!

Our subsequent product launches, Performance Air Filters, Car Infotainment Systems, Auto LED Lighting, etc has been equally popular and built around the same pillars of Affordability, Dependability, Performance & Necessity. Our latest addition to the product bouquet, Genome In-Car Storage Essentials, launched in early 2014 caters to a yet another upcoming genre of travel necessity. With this product range Genome has forayed into the Retail market (non automobile), adding new Channel Sales Partners across Modern Trade, Large Format Stores, General Trade, Institutional (Corporate) Accounts.Do browse through our complete product range; we are confident you will enjoy using Genome products just as much as we do! We are independently owned and operated.